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Simantix IT Consulting

Simantix IT Consulting

Our consultants are entrepreneurial, bold and question the conventional.

They own your business challenges, identify new opportunities and reimagine business solutions to help create new markets and disrupt existing ones.

Engage with nothing less than the BEST. 99% is short of a 100%, WAY SHORT....

Our consultants have many ways you can get them to help your business to optimize, grow and succeed!

Every day we are presented with a new set of rules, new set of realities in the 21 st century economy.

We have proved our long history of our sister-company, SQC, on proven consulting experience in specific and niche areas of Software and IT Quality Assurance, Standards, Compliance and Process Improvement.

Now we are already helping clients large and small, in strategic advisory roles, in Management and IT Consulting which includes:

Strategic /High Level Change :

We work with CXOs to define change agendas to help streamline business objectives and enable new operational /delivery /process and procedure structures.

Change Facilitation :

We leverage our experience and expertise to ensure our clients overcome implementation change challenges.

Implement :

We leverage the latest technologies and social trends to assist our clients optimize their investments. We can augment your resources by providing short term to long term staffing needs, or help you run a specific business process through our IT Services offerings