Simantix Training Program

Simantix Training Program

Welcome to the 21 st Century Training by SIMANTIX!

Here is the 'short and sweet' set of what you need to know, as to how we are different compared to your current "benchmark training provider" (a.k.a., the run of the mill training company)

  • 1. Pragmatic and real-world examples and instructors, not Academicians

  • 2. We value "Theory" but as applied to real-world

  • 3. "Agile" is not just a patented trademark or logo, or a life cycle model for us – it is used as a verb when we talk and train!

  • 4. Certified Training to give you the edge – vetted by PMI®, CMMI Institute and similar, our courses offer you credits from 4 hours to 8 hours, per-day, hence you can really be grateful that the knowledge you gained, will be put to more than one good use, to claim credit towards other certifications you may have or be trying to maintain

  • 5. Our instructors – you will know who will be your instructor and get to know them before the training, and be able to see and see their experience. We do not just publish a schedule for the entire year, without even knowing whether or not we will even hold that training!

  • 6. Select training – we do not do it "ALL", we are not the "Jack of all Trades" (Training, that is). We only publish a training course that we know we will conduct and will be GREAT and successful!

  • 7. Slides are part of the "deal", but the instructional method is based on the LCT method – Learner Centered Training. There is an elicitation of your training and learning needs at the beginning of EVERY CLASS and then teach you to match how you learn best and what you want to learn.

Now, Read these over and over again. Half-way, you will get convinced

Here is our Sample of Training Courses:

  • 1. Metrics and Analysis in Software Engineering – Strategy

  • 2. Why Decision Quality Matters.

  • 3. Integrating Business and Sales Performance with Delivery Excellence

  • 4. Implementing a robust Quality Assurance program

Write to us for a more detailed, SELECT list of high-end, agile training programs for contemporary DOD, Aerospace, Federal Contractor, HealthCare, Banking/Finance, Telecom, and industry specific training. Use the CONTACT US form page.