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Simantix IT Services

Simantix IT Services

Today, businesses operate in an unprecedentedly fluid environment. The technology landscape is turning highly complex as it evolves to meet the demands of a competitive marketplace and an experiential economy.

At the same time, customers are increasingly demanding simple, new, inexpensive and convenient experiences.

Partner with SIMANTIX to help make your business perform BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER

  • 1. We help you IDENTIFY where your biggest "drains" and "leaks" are in the Technology chain, People chain and Process chain

  • 2. If you feel, we can help you lower your Total Cost of Ownership by letting us help you in either of these areas, we can run and manage a part of your problem-areas, like:

    • a. IT Help Desk Operations

    • b. Business Processes like data processing, Invoicing

    • c. Research such as Market Analysis, Geographic market studies, Independent Research and Development and so on

    • d. Marketing – Outbound campaigns via phone/email and social media